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Top 3 Discreet Sunglasses for Events

Posted by Ed Koury on

Attending an event requires you to go all out with your wardrobe. That includes one of your most important features... your face!


Whether you're going to a concert, wedding, or outdoor event, you'll want to ensure that you pick the right shades to bring along.  The best sunglasses for events are fashionable, and most importantly protect you from the sun.  It’s also a nice bonus if that pair of shades has detachable arms for hidden storage options.  ViceRays sunglasses make it possible to safely and conveniently store and light up your favorite smokes, whenever the moment strikes!


Stone Blue ViceRays

A classic and modern look, the Stone Blue ViceRays are perfect if you need a versatile and stylish pair of sunglasses that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. With our secret storage compartment, you can keep your smokes safe and sound while you're enjoying any event. In addition, our shatter-resistant lenses provide total UV protection, and the mirrored lenses make them great for withstanding extra sunny days!


Blaze Red ViceRays

It’s nice to change up your style once in a while and if you want all of the same benefits of the Stone Blue ViceRays, but don't love the color blue, then our Blaze Red are the perfect pair for you. Designed from the highest quality acetate, our Blaze Red Mirrored-lens ViceRays are the perfect addition to any ensemble!


Moon Rock Matte

Our Moon Rock Matte sunglasses are an excellent option for those who want a little bit of edge to their accessories. These black matte sunglasses are the perfect accessory to go with any summer look. With our signature storage compartment, you can store your choice of smoke without carrying around a purse or storage pouch at the event.


Whenever traveling, attending an event, or simply just being active, a solid pair of shades can make all the difference. Check out all our options for the best discreet sunglasses on the market today.  

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