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About The Team

In 2018, a group of friends from Chicago set out to create shades that would compliment our active lifestyles and love for cannabis. 

What we came up with was ViceRays - the world's first sunglasses designed with hidden storage chambers to carry joints.    

Imagine a totally stress-free, discreet way to store your flower on-the-go: perfect for hikes, bike rides, days on the beach or water, music festivals, and wherever else there’s a need to travel light and lit ;)  

ViceRays is more than just a brand name, it's a vibe. That’s why our motto is “made for the ride” - we’re proud that ViceRays enhance our customers’ best memories when they are outdoors and enjoying life in the open.

We are glad you found us, and thanks for taking ViceRays along for the ride.

Corey, Colin, and Ryan

Creators of ViceRays

Fashionable and discrete,

these shades are designed to

help lift our customers' best

memories and experiences.